A Great Place For Pub Grub

On June 27th Karl Wells reviewed The Celtic Hearth (Note: our kitchen prepares food, from the same menu, for both The Celtic Hearth & Bridie Molloy’s) in his Dining Out column which was published in The Telegram, titled “A Great Place For Pub Grub.”

In this article Karl retells his experience with our new menu, in this very delightful review.

Regarding our atmosphere, Karl may say it better than we ever have; “Now [The Celtic Hearth] radiates an atmosphere and has the feel of a legitimately distressed ale house. You have no doubt that, along with spilled beer, every inch of Celtic Hearth has soaked up all of the wisdom, facts, jokes, tall tales and lies ever dispensed within its boundaries.”

Karl does not forget to give credit where it is most certainly due, to our Head Chef Brian Piercey; “The benefits of having a long-serving employee like Piercey are many. On a daily basis he provides stability in the kitchen and ensures consistency in the food served. This is critically important. (Making sure that every plate leaving the pass meets acceptable standards has, for far too long, not been a priority in this province.)”

The article further boasts about the plates Karl tried, interspersed with adjectives like; awesome, delicious, welcome, tender, pleasant, and exotic.

When it was all a said and done, Karl rated us well with three stars, which on his measurement scale is a rating of ‘excellent’ and we’ll gratefully accept such a trophy from Karl!

Read the full article here