Jiggs & Jams: Taylor Wall

Live Music
12:00pm - 4:00am Bridie Molloy's |

Taylor Wall kicks off Jiggs & Jams on Sunday, July 28th with a great mix of pop and classic rock.


About Jiggs and Jams

Jiggs & Jams is a family-friendly live music series hosted by Bridie Molloy’s Irish Pub. Irish pubs are traditionally not the same as bar venues. Instead, they are places where entire families and communities gather to enjoy each others company and a joke. Bridie Molloy’s is pairing the Irish cultural roots of the pub with a cultural staple of Newfoundland, Jiggs Dinner.

Jiggs dinner is the traditional Sunday family dinner in Newfoundland which sees everyone gather around the table and eat, chat, and share the events of their week. The dinner itself consists of salt beef, turnip, cabbage, potato, carrot, pease pudding, and in some houses turkey.

While the heart of a Sunday in dinner in Newfoundland may be the Jiggs dinner, there is no doubt that music is just as important to the region. Musical appreciation and skills begin early here with youngsters learning songs that are unique to Newfoundland. The tradition is so widespread that it is hard to imagine that there is a single home without a guitar in the entire province. Jiggs & Jams seek to support this cultural tradition by providing a place for people of all ages to enjoy live music on a Sunday afternoon in a relaxing atmosphere.

Jiggs & Jams is held every Sunday from noon to 6PM. If you know of a performer that would like to perform at Bridie Molloy’s please email cbayse@bridiemolloys.ca.